User manual


GooGolf the ultimate App to improve your golf! User manual.

Home screen

Here you can enter a new round, view information about a Golf Club, take a look at your stats and buy and read/view the best tips from the best coaches.

Screen Profile

Create your own profile, entering your name, surname, gender, birth-date, a Nickname, your e-mail, password, your Golf Club, your Coach, and your handicap. Remind to check the privacy policy, than clic on “create Your Account”.

New Round section

First of all set the date, the choose a facility or insert your own club (remember!! If the course you want to play isn’t in our list suggest us the course by using the form on the website, we will contact the club as soon as possible).

Insert course

Insert course name, number of holes and par then tap to start!


When you clic on “select course” you will find a list of existing golf clubs and in this case you will also be able to use also the GPS system. Tap on the couse you want and view the info.

Golf Club

Here you can view the info about the Golf Club: photos, tournament schedule, contact, a description and more. Tap on “start round” and let’s play!

Insert results

Enter score and number of putts.

Tee shot

Enter the club used from the tee and the result of the shot.

To green

Enter the club you used to go for the green in regulation, and the result. If you didn’t, not worry, just select “NO”!


Than if you missed the green select the type of shot you used for you recovery.


Than set the distance of your fisrt and second putt.


The GPS section, available only in the courses inserted in the app not by the user is really simply to use, just tap on the arrow on low right and you can have the distance from you to the center of the green!

Stats section

Here you can have an overview of you golf: every percentage indicates the level of the stat compared to you hcp: 100 is good, more is exellent, and less gives you room of improvement. Tap on a single stat and you can view more.

Tee stats

Here is the tee shot stat: you can view the total but you can select also a particular club or a particulare date.

To green stats

Here is the to green stat: you can view the total but you can select also a particular club or a particulare date.

Scambling stats

Here is the view of scrambles: you can view the total but you can select also a type of shot or a particulare date.

Putting stats

Putts x round and putts per Gir on your left and on your right you can visualize the percentage of holed putt from a particular distance.


Here is the page where you can choose and buy the tips you want.

Tips Sample

Here is the sample of a Tips Page.

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